Engineering and Manufacturing of Plants Equipments
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Our Main Products

Design and Manufacture of fabricated Process equipments as per international codes, standart and customer specifications, in Carbon, Alloy, Stainless Steels and other special materials
HEAT TRANSFER EQUIPMENT Shell & Tube type Heat Exchangers (fixed head, floating head, U-tube type)
Condensers, Evaporator
Waste heat boilers
Steam drims, Economisers, Super heaters
Fin-tube exchangers (Air coolers, heaters)
PRESSURE VESSELS/PROCESS EQUIPMENT Distillation/absorpation columns
Reactor, Autoclaves
Separators, filters, strippers
Agitators, Polymerisation vessels
Jacketed vessels, limpet colls
Cryogenic vessels
Vacuum vessels, De-aerotors
Mobile vessels like tankers for LPG, Ammonia, etc
STORAGE EQUIPMENTS Bulk LPG storage bullets
Oil/Gas storage tanks
Air receivers, gas holders
Storages silos
Tanks for storage of acids and other chemicals
SPECIALITY EQUIPMENTS Primary & secondary reformers
EDC Crackers
Rotary/Fludized bed dryers
Cyclones, Scrubbers
Turbin casings, Pen stocks
Rotary Klins, Calciners
ESP Casing, Stacks
Other Custom built equipments


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